May 24, 2016


Dr. Stephen Duren

Performance Horse Nutrition® (PHN®) was founded in 2002 by Dr. Stephen Duren.  The goal of PHN has always been to advance the “science” of feeding horses, and equally important to disseminate that science to our clients in the simplest, most straightforward means possible.  PHN prides itself on having trained Ph.D equine nutritionists that are not only scientists, but also horsemen. We understand how to feed horses and our feeds, feeding recommendations, articles and seminars reflect that understanding.  Please refer to our list of services to further clarify what we can do for our clients.

PHN has had the good fortune to work with exceptional horses and horse owners.  PHN has fed winners of the most prestigious races in Thoroughbred, Standardbred, and Endurance Racing.  We have fed Olympic champions and horses that have excelled in the show and the sale ring.  Equally important we have formulated diets for horses that won local shows and for horses that are simply important companion or lesson horses.

Dr. Stephen Duren

Doctorate of Philosophy

Equine Nutrition / Exercise Physiology


Dr. Tania Cubitt

Doctorate of Philosophy

Equine Nutrition / Reproduction



David Seldon

Client Consultant