June 3, 2016

Dr. Tania Cubitt Ph.D.


Dr. Tania Cubitt, Ph.D.

Dr. Tania A. Cubitt is a native of Queensland Australia. She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Queensland in Animal Science.  Dr. Cubitt received her Master of Science from Virginia Tech in Equine Nutrition and Growth, this work focused on environmental influences on hormonal and growth characteristics in Thoroughbred fillies. She received her Doctor of Philosophy in Equine Nutrition and Reproduction also from Virginia Tech, this work focused on nutritional effects on ovarian function.  Dr. Cubitt currently holds a position as a nutrition consultant with Performance Horse Nutrition. Her interests are focused on developing feeding strategies for horses with special needs horses including metabolic syndrome, developmental orthopedic disease, gastric ulcers, and senior horses as well as feeding the broodmare. Performance Horse Nutrition is a globally recognized company whose goal is to bring the latest and most innovative equine nutrition knowledge to horse owners throughout the world.