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           Areas of Emphasis for

Body Condition Scoring

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thesis statement for biography essay thesis in hrm A.  Thickening of the neck essay on a midsummer night's dream love B.  Fat covering the withers

resume and cv writing services C.  Fat deposits along backbone dissertation writing services hyderabad D.  Tuber coxae thesis statement for analytical essay E.  Fat deposits around tailhead how to solve depression F.  Tuber ischii

essay on rich diversity of india G.  Fat deposits on inner thigh

example research paper child development H.  Fat deposits on flanks

do my essays I.   Fat deposit behind shoulder response to essay J.   Fat covering ribs

resume writing service perth K.  Shoulder blends into neck

1 - Poor

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elements of a narrative essay powerpoint Animal extremely emaciated; spinous processes, ribs, tailhead, tuber coxae, and tuber ischii projecting prominently; bone structure of withers, shoulders, and neck easily noticeable; no fatty tissue can be felt.

2 - Very Thin narrative essay topics for college students thesis template aalto Animal emaciated; slight fat covering over base of spinous processes; transverse processes of the lumbar vertebrae feel rounded; spinous processes, ribs, tailhead, tuber coxae, and tuber ischii prominent; withers, shoulders, and neck structure faintly discernable.


3 - Thin

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homework help for free Fat buildup about halfway on the spinous processes; transverse processes cannot be felt; slight fat cover over ribs; spinous processes and ribs easily discernable; tailhead prominent, but individual vertebrae cannot be identified visually; tuber coxae appear rounded but easily discernable; tuber ischii not distinguishable; withers, shoulders and neck accentuated.


4 - Moderately Thin

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science essay hell freezing over Slight ridge along back; faint outline of ribs discernable; tailhead prominence depends on conformation, fat can be felt around it; tuber coxae not discernable; withers, shoulders, and neck not obviously thin.


5 - Moderate

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sport report essay Back is flat (no crease or ridge); ribs not visually distinguishable but easily felt; fat around tail head beginning to feel spongy; wither appear rounded over spinous processes; shoulders and neck blend smoothly into body.


6 - Moderately Fleshy thesis database germany  

post traumatic stress research paper May have slight crease down back; fat over ribs fleshy/spongy; fat around tailhead soft; fat beginning to be deposited along sides of withers, behind shoulders and along sides of neck.


7 - Fleshy term paper irish famine  

May have crease down back; individual ribs can be felt, but noticeable filling between ribs with fat; fat around tailhead soft; fat deposited along withers, behind shoulders, and along neck.


8 - Fat


Crease down back; difficult to feel ribs; fat around tailhead very soft; area along withers filled with fat; area behind shoulder filled with fat’ noticeable thickening of neck; fat deposited along inner thighs.


9 - Extremely Fat


Obvious crease down the back; patchy, bulging fat around tailhead, along withers, behind shoulders, and along neck.


Illustrations courtesy of the:

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